The Verzyl's and the hobby

John Verzyl Sr.


Thanks Dena for the memoriam, and to all the great people at CGC
"When John Verzyl passed away on March 10, 2018 he was at his zenith; he had become one of the largest, most successful comic book dealers in the world, touting a tremendous inventory of rare and valuable comics. John had not only cultivated a huge number of loyal collectors over the decades, but essentially created his own market, thanks to a rare combination of his vast knowledge of comic books, a savvy business sense, and an affable personality that made it impossible not to like him.

But this was only part of the picture. What made John truly legendary in the industry was his personal comic collection. A fierce collector since childhood, John recognized the importance of the famous Edgar Church collection when it was discovered in 1977, and set about buying as much as he could, with his main focus falling on the company he loved the most--Timely. By the late '80s John had managed to piece together most of Edgar Church copies of every Timely comic book published, as well as scores of other copies from that and other incredible pedigree collections.

Over subsequent decades John gained a reputation as one of the greatest collectors the hobby had ever seen. In retrospect, his prescient vision during the early days of collecting is awe-inspiring; as the market changed and matured into the new millennium, it became clear that John had a foresight that few others ever came close to matching. Because of this, he not only amassed one of the greatest collections ever assembled, but dominated the market in a subtle way that made it seem effortless.

His vast and unique collection is an incredible achievement. His knowledge, imagination and perseverance has inspired countless others. He was, in the end, the ultimate collector. For this reason, and to honor our dear friend John, CGC has renamed its special annual Registry award for outstanding achievement the John Verzyl Sr. Registry Masterpiece Award."

John Verzyl II


Growing up surrounded by comics was a fun and unique experience. I had time to explore, and read different titles than my dad. 

My favorites are Swamp Thing, Detective Eye from Centaur Publishing, and anything Lou Fine, including Mystery Men, Blue Beetle, Hit, and Fantastic Comics. 

I've had the opportunity to go to comic conventions since I was 1 year old, and have never missed a San Diego Comic Con my entire life.

I worked with dad closely to get ready for the conventions with pricing, organizing, grading and scanning comics for months at a time to prepare for the conventions.

I would also help assist with his yearly contribution to the Overstreet Comic Book Price guide, which was no small task.

I love comics and have been collecting quite heavily for the last few years. My first comic was a Golden-Age Blue Beetle. My favorite story line I've read is Alan Moore Swamp Thing.

I also enjoy performing in the theatre in high school, and look forward to continuing performing at the college level. 

Our theatre company has had the opportunity to compete at the regional level, and we have taken home awards that we're proud of.  

I look forward to continuing the Verzyl legacy of excellence in the hobby of comic books.

Rose Verzyl Shukla


I am so grateful to have a lifelong love of comics and art instilled in me from childhood.

Growing up, dad would read me Silver-Age Thor comics, and had the best voice for Loki. It was silly and captivating at the same time. I really got into the horror, pre-hero Kirby monsters, or really anything with a dinosaur. Who doesn't love Wonder Woman or Batman fighting a Dinosaur? Or what if dinosaurs were in WWII?  like those amazing Star Spangled War Stories.

My first Golden-Age comic was Frankenstein #1 Prize Comics 1945. I remember being around 12 years old and thinking that it was worth the work to earn it. 

We had a comic book store in the 80's and 90's that I grew up in. And my parents would distribute to other stores also, so I was great at filling orders, packing, stacking, bagging, working the counter, and  organizing comics. I loved the art and would sometimes draw my own Adventures of Lum, Robotech, or Roger Rabbit stories. 

We moved to Texas from California in 1996. Since then, the Comic Conventions feel like a family re-union for me, and I really look forward to going to the Conventions every year to see all the dealers and collectors I grew up with, and to see people who love comics. I feel it's such a positive, loving environment, to just be who you are. 

Since my dad was not to be shadowed in the comic world, I wanted to work in healthcare, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy. I have been practicing  in hospitals for 12 years. Wow, time flies.